Your first CD "Forever Alone. Immortal." can't be found in local stores. Can you describe it?

Well, you cannot find it in Greek metal stores because our distributor - Black Lotus Records - was mainly interested in"Dionysos". It's a pity because I think "FAI" is a good album as well. It is our first full-length release, almost 1 hour long, containing six compositions, full of despair and dark atmosphere. "FAI" is perhaps slower and less brutal than "Dionysos", but I think there's more of some kind of tragic melancholy in it. If you can't find it in the store, you can order it by mail, directly from Pagan Records. The prices are pretty acceptable, I think. The address is: Pagan Records, P. O. Box 12, 86-105 Swiecie 5, Poland.

Now that some time has passed since the release of "Dionysos", can you tell me about the reactions of the press, and the public, are you satisfied with the sales?

Yes, we're pretty satisfied. The reactions of the press had been amazing, I have read only one review that was not very positive (in a pure heavy metal fanzine from Poland…), but we've got tons of enthusiastic ones instead! The reaction of the fans has been amazing, as well. We've been voted the second Polish band of 1997 (three months after releasing "Dionysos"), second to mighty VADER of course. The sales were also quite good, as for purely underground release of course, what means that we've sold about 6000 copies of "Dionysos" and it still sells… but you know, the amount of records sold is not what it's all about…

How did you come to choose a concept relating to ancient Hellas in your work? Do you generally know about our civilization?

I think every educated European should know something about the culture, history and beliefs of ancient Greece as it's the cradle of our culture and humanistic sciences, like philosophy, philology… and Western occultism. That's why I've chosen beautiful Dionysiac myth as the main subject of my lyrics. And it's not just a beautiful story for me - I think that Dionysos, god of paradox, still reveals some mysteries that are very important for a human individual, even at the beginning of 21st century. Or maybe even now more than ever?

Since not many things about the Polish scene are known in our country, can you tell about it? Is it now flourishing or in decline?

Polish underground scene had never been better!!! Especially when it comes to extreme metal stuff… The best bands here are VADER, MOON (soon new, killer album on Impact Records), DEVILYN (two albums on French Listenable Records, great death metal), PROPHECY, HATE, EPITOME, CHRIST AGONY, DAMNABLE, NIGHT GALLERY, TENEBRIS, SACRIVERSUM, YATTERING, BEHEMOTH, NEOLITH, HOLY DEATH, HERESY and tons of others. Remember these names, because they really kick ass!

About the Magick. Freedom. Art. idea. Why did you choose these three concepts to represent you and your music, are you into occult? Can you tell me you own definitions of Freedom and your tastes in Magic and Art.?

Yes, I consider myself an occultist, what means I am interested in these aspects of human nature, in these sciences which had already been forgotten or forbidden during the ages. Occultism is pure humanism if you ask me, without limits and predictions… The definition of freedom? I don't know any to be honest. Freedom is something that you feel by your heart, not what you think of. And you know, when you are free, you don't even realize it, because this is the natural and pure state of human soul, but when the freedom is gone, you learn how important it is… My preferences in Magick? This is not the subject I'd like to talk about in the interview, but let me just say that Aleister Crowley was one of my biggest influences. Art? When it comes to visual arts, I love all kind of paintings, but my favorite ones are these made by Goya and Malczewski. They're two different painters, living in different countries and epochs, but they have something in common, they both smelled the dark… I love good movies as well and I consider David Lynch the best film director ever. Some other great ones are S. Kubrick ("Clockwork Orange", "The Shining"), O. Stone ("Natural Born Killers"), A. Holland, P. Greenaway etc. And last but not least - music… I love all kinds of music, from the classical stuff - Chopin, Beethoven, Wagner, Mozart… through metal to some pop stuff like David Bowie, US3, Simply Red, Apollo 440. You seem to have many (six) members in the band, how do you cooperate together? Do you all contribute to the compositions of the songs?

Not equally… Our keyboard player U.Reck and guitarist Peter compose all the stuff, but all the arrangements we do together, in the rehearsal room.

Can you tell me which bands have influenced LUX OCCULTA?

No. Ha, ha, ha… seriously speaking, there were so many of them, that I don't really remember them all. At the beginning we were strongly influenced by early recordings of such bands like PHLEBOTOMIZED, TIAMAT, MOONSPELL, PARADISE LOST or even MY DYING BRIDE. We also loved Greek metal scene and bands like NECROMANTIA, VARATHRON and ROTTING CHRIST. Then we moved into more black metal direction, we started to listen a lot of BURZUM, CRADLE OF FILTH. EMPEROR… today we are more into NOCTURNUS, MISANTHROPE, MORBID ANGEL, BAL-SAGOTH. You can see that everything changes, our influences too… and I suppose our music changes as well.

Do you know any bands in Hellas who play in the same ancient-Hellenic concepts (such as NECROMANTIA, NAER MATARON, KAWIR, FIENDISH NYMPH)?

Sure I know NECROMANTIA, a real killer!!! As I've said before, they inspired us in a way at the beginning of LUX OCCULTA and I cannot wait for their new recordings. I think they're silent for too long already. I also know NAER MATARON debut album, which is not bad, but nothing very special for me, either. The other two I only know by names. But you forgot about two other great bands exploring ancient Hellenic spirit, I mean godly VARATHRON (they're on Pagan records now, I think it's fantastic!) and killer ELYSIAN FIELDS (greetings Bill!). I also listen to some other Greek bands as well, your scene surely belongs to my favorite ones, let me just mention ROTTING CHRIST, DEVISER, NIGHTFALL (but rather their records before "Lesbian Show"), TERRA TENEBRAE (cheers Vassilis!) and EXHUMATION.

Is there anything not questioned that you would like to mention, a message to Hellenic fans?

Thank you very much for the interesting interview and your support. Cheers to all Hellenic fans of LUX OCCULTA, I hope to play for you some day!!! Get ready for our new album "My Guardian Anger", out in spring of 1999. Magick. Freedom. Art.