P e t e r

Function guitars
Date of Birth 9th July 1975 e.v.
Major Influences Cosmos & Chaos
Sounds to Remember Emperor, Nocturnus, Incantation, Morbid Angel,
Massive Attack, Master’s Hammer, Samael, Portishead,
Dark Throne, Sigh, Księżyc, Devil Doll, My Dying Bride,
Yuno Reactor, Christ Agony...
Other Fascinations cosmology (Sagan, Hawking, Haller),
quantum theory (Ledermann),
black gangster movies (Once Upon A Time InAmerica - S. Leone!!!!),
sci-fi literature and movies, women, wine & singing...
Love in Myself Skiing
Hate in Myself I am a bad skier
Motto The holes are dug already, it’s time to fill them.