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Lux Occulta have signed two album deal with MME. More details:

MAQUIAVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LDA is proud to announce a new signing upon
the label consisting on gathering the Polish progressive & occult metal act
LUX OCCULTA unto their extreme metal roster. After the release of 3 full
length albums plus a mini album, all recorded under the wings of Pagan
Records, LUX OCCULTA are from this day forward represented & supported
directly by MAQUIAVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LDA at a Worldwide level.
Presently the band is gathering & rehearsing some new material for their
upcoming 4th full length album not yet under any specific designation.
LUX OCCULTA is set to start the recordings of their next album during the
beginning of December 2000 while MAQUIAVEL MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT LDA will
issue the new release over the market during the very first months of 2001.
The band plan to enter unto the STUDIO 333 in Poland with the same producer
that made the final mastering of the latest Vader's "Litany" effort for
For all those that do not yet know the band musical approach we shall
advance you that you must stand by for a very original & refreshing Polish
act that can match the likes of OPETH, SAMAEL, ARCTURUS and MAYHEM since
LUX OCCULTA are taking metal to even higher energy levels with a phenomenal
combination of melody, emotion, dark atmospheres & raw aggression never
listened before. With their roots firmly craved upon the original dark &
occult metal tradition LUX OCCULTA delivers a genuinely new slant on the
actual overcrowded metal scene of nowadays. They are currently one of the
biggest death/black metal hopes from Eastern Europe alongside Polish
breaking warriors of modern metal VADER and BEHEMOTH. No one shall pass
around their upcoming full-length album effort without witnessing the
powerful musical manifestation from this extraordinary Polish metal giant.

Lux Occulta will perform today on Silesia Festival (Opawa,CZ)