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March: First live appearances after a long break, as a support act for small Polish tour of Gardenian.
Lux Occulta steals the shows from Swedes. Kriss beats the skins with some platinum stuff in his elbow.

May: Lux Occulta plays - as a surprise act - on Poland's biggest metal festival Metalmania
sharing the stage with bands like Tiamat, Opeth, My Dying Bride, Theatre Of Tragedy, Katatonia and Behemoth.

June: Lux Occulta signs two-album deal with independent Portuguese label called Maquiavel Music
Entertainment. Kriss undergoes last surgery with his arm and the doctors take the platinum thing our of his body.
He recovers really fast and plays drums even better than he did before the accident.

July: The band co-headlines Silesia Festival in Czech Republic (with Haemorrhage,
Altar, Dark Funeral, Behemoth a.o.) and one week later plays on Castle Party, biggest gothic
music festival in Eastern Europe, being the first extreme metal act in the history of the festival.

August: Lux Occulta co-headlines Thrash'em All Festival, together with Vader and Behemoth.

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August: Kriss breaks his arm so badly that the doctors cannot say if he will be able
to play drums ever again. Kuba, drummer of death metal gods Devilyn joins Lux Occulta
for one single show - on Thrash'em All Festival, which is the release day of “My Guardian Anger".
After that Lux Occulta decide to stop their live activities for next few months.

December: “My Guardian Anger" is voted Album of the Year and Jaro.Slav. is Vocalist
of the Year according to the readers of Thrash'em All, one of the biggest magazines in Poland.
The results are pretty similar in other important media. Kriss is doing better but bad karma still
follows the band. U.Reck breaks his leg and the band has to cancel Polish tour scheduled for January of 2000.

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January:G'Ames and Jackie are asked to leave the band. First one gets married and quits music for good
and the second one few months later joins black metal combo Holy Death. Their replacement is
guitar virtuoso Vogg and bass player Martin, both from death metal band Decapitated
(now signed to Wicked World / Earache), both very young but extremely talented.

March: Small, but very successful Polish tour with Damnation and Sacriversum.

May and June: Another Polish tour, a really big one with Christ Agony and Hate.

August: LUX OCCULTA co-headlines biggest metal festival in Slovakia, together with a.o. Krabathor,
Devilyn and Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy.

September: LUX OCCULTA co-headlines Novum Vox Mortis Festival in Warsaw and Katowice,
together with Dark Funeral and Hate.
Pagan Records releases mini-album “Maior Arcana (The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light") which includes
the three songs recorded in December 0f 1996, re-mastered version of “The Forgotten Arts" demo
and cover version of The Sisters Of Mercy classic “Burn". The mini-album is strictly limited to 1500 copies.
Polish version includes booklet called “Prawo Światła" (“Law of the Light") consisting of
all Jaro.Slav. lyrics translated into Polish and commented by the author himself.

December: LUX OCCULTA enters Selani Studio once again. Deceitfully entitled album “My Guardian Anger"
is a result of the recording session that lasts almost six weeks. The album was produced by
Andrzej Bomba and the band himself, mastered in Studio 333 by Bartek Kuźniak.

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June: Mini-tour in Germany, with Forsth and Shadows Toward My Sky. After the first show the promoter
asks Lux Occulta to headline the set.

July: Lux Occulta enters Selani Studio (Vader, Behemoth, Yattering an others recorded
their masterpieces there) to record their second full-length material. The result of their work is
“Dionysos" - concept album dedicated to Greek deity of wine, madness and sexual pleasure,
almost 50 minutes of powerful and majestic Symphonic Occult Metal.

November: “Dionysos" is released.

December: “Dionysos" is voted one of the best albums of 1997 in Polish metal media
(in most of them it's second to Vader's “Black to the Blind") and LUX OCCULTA one of the beast
bands in Poland.

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January: Pagan Records releases official cassette version of “The Forgotten Arts" which
gains extremely positive reviews around the world.

March: LUX OCCULTA enters Manek Studio again to record their first full-length album
called “Forever Alone. Immortal." The band spends two weeks in the studio achieving what they
really wanted - cold and original sound. And so was the music of LUX OCCULTA at that time.

June: The band forces Aemil to leave as he was not really interested in music anymore.
New drummer - Kriss - joins one week later.

September: Another session in Manek Studio, this time a really short one.
LUX OCCULTA records the cover version of “Czas zemsty" (“Time of Revenge") which is the cult
song of Polish black metal legend Kat. The song appeared few months later on “Czarne Zastepy",
a tribute album for Kat, released by Pagan Records.
At the end of September “Forever Alone. Immortal." is officially released.

December: Back in the studio for three days. The band records new version
of “Love" (song known from the demo tape), brand new composition called “When Horned Songs Awake"
and cover version of Danzig's classic - “Heart of the Devil".
LUX OCCULTA is voted Best Newcomer in most of the Polish metal magazines and radio stations.

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February: The first rehearsal sessions of Lux Occulta. Since the musicians feel
that something is missing in their sound, they ask keyboard player U.Reck to complete the
line-up of the band. In the beginning of March 1995 their very first song called “War" is being
composed. And yes, they were ready for war!

July: During one week long, self-financed recording session in Manek Studio the band
records their first and only demo tape called “The Forgotten Arts", consisting of five
songs. A few weeks later they sign the deal with Polish underground premier record label - Pagan Records.

November: Lux Occulta hits the stage for the first time ever doing few local show and
receiving totally enthusiastic reaction from the metal freaks.

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The Occult Metal odyssey starts in the late months of 1994 era vulgari.
Guitar players Peter and G'Ames both played before in chaotic black / death metal band
called Blaspherion) ask Jaro.Slav. (experienced metal vocalist known for being a frontman of
one of the first Poland's black metal bands - Haemorrhage) to join their new project.
Jackie (bass guitar) and Aemil (drums) join the band few weeks later.